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June 17, 2016

Hands-Free Plumbing Supplies

It’s an often forgotten fact that our industry is a science in itself. There are constant advancements in the quality of the technology available to us and in turn the supplies and products we have in our homes or places of work. Given that we are plumbing nerds (so good to get that off our chest!) it’s something we get pretty excited about. The latest wave to get our inner nerd pumped up (sorry couldn’t resist) is hands-free plumbing. This is such a great addition to the plumbing industry. Why you ask? Not only will it give your bathroom facilities a modern and stylish look but it has a vast array of hygiene benefits too!




Bathrooms can be dirty places, let’s face it. It might look clean on first glance, but there’s a lot of germs in toilets and faucets alike that we just can’t physically see. Germs can live on metal for more than two hours which is a long time particularly in a public environment. Luckily hands-free plumbing supplies actually reduce the need to touch these areas thus helping to prevent the spread of germs. Given this particular benefit, it’s not too surprising that the Health Care industry has embraced the new technology. Not having visitors, staff or patients touch the faucets or soap dispensers prevents bacteria from getting on their hands and in turn spreading it throughout hospitals after they leave the bathroom. The same can of course be said about public bathrooms where there is also a high number of people regularly using the facilities.


Eco savers

We are delighted to say that the plus points of the touchless bathroom supplies don’t just stop at the hygiene benefits. They are also eco-friendly! Having sensor activated faucets reduces the amount of water being used in bathrooms. This removes the possibility of a user leaving a tap on for example which can waste a lot of water. To put it in perspective, when a tap is left running it wastes around 6 litres of water per minute so if it is left unattended in a bathroom for too long, hundreds of litres could be lost! Installing touchless facilities regulates the amount of water and soap being used by each user so they only use what they need.


This in turn leads to another advantage of hands free facilities; lower cleaning and maintenance costs. Without the physical touching of regular facilities, the hands-free facilities should stay cleaner for longer while also preventing excess soap scum or water pools building up around the sink areas.


Of course, like anything there are some drawbacks like battery life or you’re the unlucky recipient of an overly sensitive sensor but the advantages listed above of the hands-free bathrooms outweigh these drawbacks. Plumbing supplies are getting better and better each year and we can see the majority of bathrooms being hands-free in the future. In the meantime we’ll just have to make sure not to leave the tap running when we’re brushing our teeth!

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