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Best Bathrooms in the World!

Bathrooms have come a long way from being just functional, whether we are talking about bathrooms at home or at hotels. So, what makes a bathroom stand out? Is it the styling? The theme? Maybe even the accessories in the bathroom? One of these aspects can stand out above the others of course but we’ve found that it’s usually a combination of all three coming together to form something that looks unique.

How can you make a bathroom unique? Well it’s certainly possible and we searched far and wide (well… Google) to bring you a few of the best looking bathrooms from around the world:

The One with a Fireplace


When we think of a bathroom, one would typically imagine a shower, a sink, a bath or maybe even a window, but a fireplace? Not exactly an everyday addition!

Reality TV star Melissa Gorga and her spouse owned a mansion in New Jersey which they sold in 2013. This property is a humongous colonial style house with 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and has a total of 4 fireplaces, one of which is in the bathroom. The bathroom has golden fittings to complement and complete the gorgeous look.


Another star who loves the same idea is Julianne Moore. In her townhouse based in West Village, New York City there is a rather luxurious bathroom featuring a fireplace.

Along with double vanity units it has a modern bathtub with the fireplace right next to it. The chic rectangular design of the whole bathroom gives it a rather contemporary feel. The property was featured in the March 2006 issue of World of Interiors and is a fascinating blend of traditional and modern style.

The One with Gold


We’ve all heard of Gold-toned bathroom fittings and some of us might have them in our own bathrooms but in this particular bathroom we are talking about…wait for it… solid Gold! That’s right, not just fittings, actual gold!

On the other side of the world, Hang Fung jewellers in Hong Kong have made a solid 24k gold toilet (yes you read that right). It is part of an extravagant display which showcases a golden palace among statues of Chinese goddesses.

Not exactly borrowing this idea, but Kimye (that’s Kim Kardashian + Kanye West… yeah we’re hip) have spent $750,000 on getting four gold-plated toilets for their Bel Air mansion. There’s more bling in that mansion than we can probably even imagine. We heard they’ve also forked out on a Swarovski-encrusted fridge freezer for their kitchen.

But on a more practical note, gold-toned fixtures are perfect for a vintage feel. You can choose a gold-toned bathroom fitting or even a bathroom mirror. It would look stunning alongside either white or black theme of your bathroom.

The One with the View


Some of us like reading a book while having a bath while some of us light candles and relax. Sounds good right? Well how about being able to enjoy this breath-taking view of nature or bask in the glow of a star studded sky come nightfall?

Parsonson Architects from Wellington, New Zealand, followed that train of thought when designing this bathroom. To compliment the gorgeous sea view, they chose to use only blue and green bathroom tiles. There is ample space, light and privacy along with it being pretty functional too. Even just looking at a picture of the view is so relaxing!


With all this being said, some of these bathrooms are not necessarily practical in an everyday setting and as you can probably imagine, not always pocket-friendly. But if you’ve got some ideas we can help you make them a reality! Thermoparts have years of experience and knowledge about bathroom supplies. Give us a call on (01) 905 9370 or walk into our store to check out our collections and discuss your bathroom remodelling ideas with us! There’s no such thing as a bad idea when there’s a good solution!